The Flex Belt : Is it A Scam Or Does It Really Work?

November 9th, 2013

buy the flex beltIf you’re anything like me you would have started this new years off with a bunch of New Years resolutions. Admittedly, if you are going to try and lose weight or aim for that six pack then one of the best times of year to do  is at the start of the year – right.

Because this is the time of year that we all plan new goals and out intentions to fulfill them is at its peak.

So in losing weight your best option is to go with an eating plan that is sustainable and an exercise plan that will keep you motivated not only in the short term, but in the long term as well. Because Lord knows that as the days and weeks roll on, our motivation is the first thing to go.

Therefore it’s important to approach weight lose smartly and take advantage of a number of tools out there that will benefit your body not only in the short term when your motivation is at its peak, because also in the long term.

Enter the Flex Belt.

What Is The Flex Belt?

If you don’t know anything about this device, then a simple explanation goes something like this : The Flex Belt is basically a device that gets strapped around your waist and sends electronic pulses to your abdominal muscles forcing them to contract at varing frequencies.

This basically means that you can do sit ups without even lying down on the floor. You’re not actually doing situps, but your muscle contract as if you are doing sit ups.

The cool thing about this is that, this your can literally perform a situp when watching tv. For example, if I wanted to watch tv or if I was travelling home, I could be getting a really good ab working doing thoses things.

So really there’s no excuse when it comes to doig ab exercises, because if you can strap on a piece of equipment while doing other things then it’s a no brainer – right.

Now some people might think the Flex Belt is a scam however, the technology that the Flex Belt has been developed on (EMS) has actually been around for decades and used in hospitals and rehabitation center for that time frame too. abs

the flex belt scamThe science is fairly simple and has been used to treat thoussands of muscle injuries.

The beauty of this type of treatment of muscle rehabitation is that it can isolate certain muscles groups and worik to strengthen only that group.

This is particularly useful when trying to strengthen a muscle that is usually contracted as part of a multi-muscle group. like the chest for example. Getting a chest workout means that you have to use your ticeps and shoulder muscles even before you get a chest workout.

A lot of people who are new to resistant training find that there ticeps and shoulder muscle get exhausted before they’re able to get a decent pump on their chest.

That’s why a device like the Flex Belt is really good.

If we take the abs as another example, if you’re new to working out your abs then a simple thing has there too.

You tend to invoke the the muscles at the top of your quads, your neck and your traps, which means that if you have injuries in those areas then it can really become problematic.

But this is where the Flex Belt can help, it isolates the abs, so you don’t even use those other muscles.

This also means that you are able to walk around, sit in a car or bus or train, while getting a full ab workout.

This is such a cool device and something that you can add to your weight loss program. Learn more


Wiresless headphones for your television

October 22nd, 2013

best wireless headphones for tvOne of the best ways to enjoy watching your favourite movie or even listening to your favourite soundtrack or music playlist is to use headphones.

Now I know that this isn’t a new concept, but what most people don’t understand is that you can get the best sound quality by listening to music using headphones instead of listening to them via your hi-fi speakers.

This is not to say that you should replace all of your speakers with a headphones, but more that you can get a different experience by listen via headphones.

You Still Need Speakers

Speakers are still needed of course because you cannot recreate the vibration that come from speakers using headphones, but on the flip side, you can’t get the total sound quality out of speakers that you can from headphones, unless of course by spending large qualities of money doing so.

The sound quality that comes from good headphones can be compared to listening to music in your car. Even if you have a fairly cheap sound system in your car, you can enjoy the quality because your encapsulated in your car.

This is probably the only place that you can experience a good sound that is of headphone quality, but you’re not going to sit in your car in the middle of the evening watching a movie right.

So this brings up another problem, and that is, headphones come with cords attached to them, which then limits the distance that you can watch your television. This can be a pain if you have a 60 inch TV and can only watch it 3 feet away.

Wireless Headphones

sennhesier rs120 headphonesHowever, now you can get cordless headphones for television and watch tv from a distance while still enjoying the sound quality that headphones bring.

This means that you are no longer limited to sitting 3 feet away from your television, but you can sit whereever you like in your living room and still enjoy the sound.

Wireless headphones do have a few restrictions though. So, although they no longer require a cord to listen to audio, they do require you to be within range of the receiver. The signal sent to the reciever does have a range limit. Which means you can’t walk a hundred meters away and still be able to listen to music.

Having said that, the coverage of the signal should be well within range of your home.

Some other issues that may affect the coverage is other wireless signals like a router / computer network or extremely large metal or magnetic devices like a speaker or a fridge. Usually these don’t pose too much of a problem, and if they do then a simple solution is to move your transmitter around so that these objects are no longer an issue.

If you want o find out what headphones to purchase then you can go to find out which are the best models to pick.

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How to find the Best Windows Drivers

October 21st, 2013

driverdetectiveboxOne of the most challenging things to do is to find Windows Drivers for your PC especially if you have lost the installation disk that came with your computer. Or if you have inherited a computer or have purchased a used PC off an auction website like ebay.

Often PC like this come with no history of drivers and it can be difficult finding the right drivers for your PC if you don’t know where to look. best rangefinder for golf at

Finding New Drivers

One way to do it though is to simply perform a search in Google relating to the driver that you want to update.

Now for some this is an easy task because the descriptiuon of the driver can be easily found in Windows device management system, however sometimes the name of the device is not found or unknown which makes finding the right driver a sizable task.  best golf gps watch 2013

Then it becomes a case of just trying different drivers made from different manufactors or trying to source the hardware manual somewhere on the internet.

It’s easy to understand why so many people find this a daunting task.

I had one situation that illustrates my point.

How I Found The Right Solution

I inherited two computers from a nephew. He had got four computers given to him from the university he was attending. The university ungrades computer every three years, so these ones were going to get trashed.

Anyway, the university computer – as you can imagine, where “locked down” meaning that – for secuirty purposes you couldn’t gain access to WIndows without having a university signon or password.

However, there was a way to get around it. How?

Reformat c:

This command if executed would reformat the hard drive of the computer allowing me to then load a new version of Windows which I already had and then gain access as a user.

So everything went well with the reformat command until I started to load some of my software programs on the PC.

I noticed that some things just weren’t working as they were supposed too.

The screen for example was a little outta wack. The resolution was terrible and the drivers that Windows recommended for the PC just wasn’t cutting the mustard.

So then I had to find a way of sourcing the right drivers for the PC. And do you think I could find the right Drivers? Not a chance.

I spent the next 5 days trying to track down the right drivers for the PC, which meant that I had to follow the same process over and over again, which was to do a search in Google, download the driver and then update it.

Oh, but if there was only an easier way to solve this problem – I mean it must be worth while to have a software application that will find the right drivers – right?

Guess what? There is.

Done For You Solution

Okay, so after a lengthy time trying to find the right drivers for my PC, I found an application called Driver Detective Key that does exactly what I just explained.  Driver Detective Registration

You can download a copy at and start finding right Drivers for your PC.

Just install the software and let it scan your PC and then tell you what is the best drivers for your PC.

I wish I knew about this piece of software before I spent such a large amount of time trying to find it myself.

Learn how to speaady up your PC with Regcure Pro and SpeedyPC Pro. It really is as simple as clicking a button.

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